DRUGZONE Pharmaceuticals is your generic drug supplier in the industry. We serve a diverse client base across the healthcare spectrum, including independent retail, long-term care facilities, specialty and correctional institutions, small-chain pharmacies, veterinary practices, and hospitals. Based in New York, we stand as anNABP-accredited wholesaler, who has been empowering independent pharmacies across the United States. Our vast inventory reflects our dedication to healthcare excellence. We supply an extensive selection of pharmaceuticals, encompassing both everyday essentials and rare finds.

Rest assured, as each item we offer is authenticated through both direct and secondary manufacturers, maintaining the highest standards for every medication you dispense. Our robust industry experience has instilled us with the acumen required to not only navigate but also thrive in the rigorous terrain of the modern pharmaceutical marketplace.

wholesale pharmaceutical distributors


FDA compliant drug distributor
NABP accredited drug distributor
DSCSA COMPLIANT drug distributor


At the nexus of trust and tradition, we are not just your generic drug suppliers, but your partners in achieving pharmaceutical excellence.

Valuable Industry Experience

Your business deserves expert guidance, and our sales representatives bring unmatched industry expertise of 30+ years to the table. They manage your account while ensuring that you receive tailored advice and support that is informed by deep knowledge and understanding of the pharmaceutical industry.

2000+ SKUs

As seasoned generic drug suppliers, our vast inventory includes over 2,000 SKUs, which means we can supply a comprehensive range of medications to fulfill your pharmacy's unique requirements. From common generic drugs to specialized treatments, our exhaustive inventory has got you covered.

Vast Distribution Network in 40+ States

With our extensive distribution network and license to distribute across 40+ states, we ensure timely and efficient delivery, reducing wait times and helping you maintain optimal inventory levels. Our logistical capabilities mean we are always ready to ship directly to your establishment.

Best Pricing in the Industry

Our commitment to affordability is unwavering. We leverage our long-standing industry relationships and bulk buying power to offer you the best pricing without compromising on quality or reliability.

Signing Up with Us, Effortlessly.


Easy Online Application

Access our easy-to-use online form. Fill in the necessary information, such as the name of the trader, sales representative details, location, and AP name, among other details.


Application Review

Our team will review and verify your application to ensure security and compliance throughout the process.


Welcome Onboard

Wte will activate your account, and it will be ready to execute transactions and monitor consignments, giving you comprehensive control over your account parameters.


We work with companies and manufacturers worldwide.

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Understanding the Drug Supply Chain Security Act(DSCSA): Origins and PurposeThe Drug Supply Chain Security Act(DSCSA) passed in November 2013 is a landmark legislation aimed at making the American pharmaceutical supply chain safer. Specifically, it endeavors to minimize the entry of counterfeit, s...

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